27 Jun 2012

Cover Reveal: Iron's Prophecy

I was a little late to the party when it came to reading Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series. I picked up the books soon after the fourth in the series, Iron Knight, was released, but I quickly fell in love with them and they now remain one of my favourite fantasy series. When I found out that Julie Kagawa was writing a series featuring Meghan Chase's younger brother Ethan, I was (and still am) ecstatic. The first book in that series comes out later this year, around the same time that book 4.5 in the Iron Fey series is released, Iron's Prophecy:

And that up there is the beautiful cover for the novella, which I'm sure will satisfy a lot of Iron Fey fans. The plot blurb that was also released, which you can read here on Goodreads, is the final novella revolving around Meghan Chase's life, and will give us a glimpse into her life as the Iron Queen. There is even  mention in the blurb about Meghan carrying her and Ash's son, which is super exciting!

Looking at the previous Iron Fey covers, I've noticed that Iron's Prophecy is a slightly different style. It's a lot darker in colour compared to the other books. The following are the two other Iron Fey novellas' covers:

The cover for Iron's Prophecy reflects the style of the cover for the first book in Ethan Chase's series:

At least in my eyes, anyways. Perhaps because it's the final novella of Meghan Chase's time? Or maybe it's just random and I'm looking for deeper meaning in a book cover than was intended. Oh, no, what have my English teachers done to me? Haha.

So what are your thoughts?
What do you think of the Iron's Prophecy cover? Excited to read it? Have you read all of the novellas and if so, do you think they add to the story, or that the series would be fine if they didn't exist?

Personally, they're more than just fluff stories to me. In fact, they aren't fluff at all. In the full-length novels there are hints as to what happened in the novellas, and I found it enlightening to read the novellas. It definitely adds something.

Also, how excited are you for Ethan's series? I'm a little excited.................. *bounces around ecstatically*


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