23 Aug 2012

Mini Review: Dream Dark

Title: Dream Dark
Placement in Series: 2.5
Series: Caster Chronicles/Beautiful Creatures
Rating: 4/5

When Link joined his best friend, Ethan Wate, on a quest through a mysterious network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, he knew the journey would be dangerous. But returning home to Gatlin, South Carolina was just the beginning...

Wounded during a climactic battle, Link discovers that tending his injuries won't be as simple as visiting a doctor and that healing his arm should be the least of his worries. For being bitten by a Supernatural does more than break the skin -- it changes a person, inside and out, turning Link into someone more and more like the dark creature who injured him.

Mini Review:

I kind of wish this was from Link's POV. Considering the rest of the series is told from Ethan's perspective, I understand why Dream Dark does not stray from that, but I feel as if this would have been more effectively told had it been from Link's perspective instead. It just didn't feel realistic that Ethan would know so much detail about what Link went through, even though he did state that Link told him all of this. That's really my only qualm with Dream Dark.

I'm glad we got to get a look into Link's life, especially considering what had happened to him in Beautiful Darkness. This was a nice little companion to the Caster Chronicles that I enjoyed. I have always found the "point fives" of a series to be just as important as the rest of the books, and this one is no different. Getting this look into Link's transformation is something integral that I am glad is available to us readers. Plus getting a glimpse into a secondary character's life is always refreshing.

Also, this novella really helped me to feel for Link. I knew his mother was crazy, but I didn't think she was this crazy! I would love to see more from Link. I find him to be a very interesting character, and one of my favourites.

The '4' rating was because I really felt like more could have been included, but again, because it was Ethan telling the story there was not really much room for that.


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