25 Sept 2012

Blog Content Change Plus a Giveaway Link

Hey everyone!

So you may have noticed that I update at the most twice a week, and there is not always one review a week. While this blog had its moments where I would pump out more than one review per week plus a few extra book-related posts (such as cover reveals or Waiting on Wednesdays), that is not something I can guarantee on this blog anymore.
I had originally intended for this blog to be strictly a book review blog with some book blog memes here and there, but my non-blog life does not always allow for that. I am also a writer and have two WIPs on the go, so they take up a lot of the spare time I do have. I thought about replacing my reviews with videos, and I might still do that, but I am also going to include more posts on anything book-related in general, as well as writing-related.

So basically it will be the same content plus some writing posts.

And to kick off the writing posts, to all of you writers out there, Shallee McArthur, a YA sci-fi and fantasy author is having a giveaway on her blog.

The potential winners of the giveaway could win:
A 10 dollar giftcard to Amazon or Barnes and Noble
A 10-page critique
A 5-page critique

Critiques at any stage in the writing process can be very helpful, and could open some doors, so if you would like to enter, please visit Shallee's blog here.

The giveaway follows an insightful blog post by Shallee McArthur about how "You Are a Real Writer", so that is definitely worth a read. Join the discussion on her blog in the comments below her post. Shallee asks: "...Have you ever felt you had to somehow prove yourself before becoming a real writer? Or do you already take pride in your awesome writerliness?"
I hope you all take pride in your writerliness, as Shallee puts it!

Happy writing, happy blogging, and happy reading, everyone :)


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