10 Apr 2013

Book Haul #4: Branching Out

It has been a while since I have done one of these! The hiatus had a lot to do with it (also because every time I tried filming one of these, my camera battery would die, so I think I have given up on video blogging these for the time being).

Earlier in the week I picked up two non-YA titles from work:

Angelopolis (Angelology #2) by Danielle Trussoni
I feel kind of silly because I went and bought the second book (knowing it is the sequel) to this series without first having Angelology, however my bookstore did not have Angelology in stock (okay, they did have one copy, but the corner edge of the cover was slightly bent) so I ordered it online in hardcover.

It seems the Angelology cover format is different from Angelopolis, so I will have the paperback of this one and the hardcover of Angelology on my shelf and I guess I'll just have to deal with that...
Anyway, this series sounds interesting. It's a little outside of what I usually read, specifically it's an 'adult fiction' series and not YA. Hopefully I like it. I mean, it sounds really interesting and I'm usually right (with the exception of a select few books I've made the unfortunate decision to buy), so we'll see.

The plot involves nephilim, which I except will be written different than those I enjoy of Cassandra Clare's, but it sounds like something I will enjoy and Angelopolis is currently a best-seller at the bookstore company I work for, so it had that going for it.
It will probably be a while before I get to these.

Cold Magic (The Spiritwalker Trilogy) by Kate Elliott

I have officially ventured into the heavy sci-fi/fantasy world by picking this one up. Especially since it sounds to be an intriguing mix of both sci-fi and fantasy (or at least science and fantasy, which I know isn't technically the same). I am very proud of myself to have made this venture (I mean, I own the Song of Ice and Fire novels, though I've yet to read them - hey, don't judge! Have you seen my to-be-read pile? Maybe I will do a tour of it next week. Let me know if the comments if you'd like to see that).

Excited to read this one, since it is right up my alley. The paperback I picked up is currently selling at 4.99 at my work, so I couldn't resist picking this up, and I think I'll dive into it sooner than I'd originally planned.

So those are the only two (three if you count the online order of Angelology) books I picked up this week. I've been trying to keep my book-buying to a minimum (I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on books since I got this bookstore job - it's amazing what a little discount can do to ease the money-spending conscience! Haha!).

Have you read any of the above series? If so, what did you think of them?
Even though I've dubbed this blog a YA and NA review blog, there might be a review of either of these two in the future (most likely Cold Magic), so keep an eye out for those.


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