4 Aug 2013

What Happened to July?

I am not dead! And neither is this blog!

I feel I should specify that since for the entire month of July, there were no posts. Terrible! On my part, that was incredibly terrible. July was a really weird month. My work schedule was very wonky and the time I did find to write I spent trying to keep up with my Camp NaNoWriMo word goal. I failed badly, but that's another post for a different blog. And then I went on vacation!
My work schedule for August is pretty full, but I am going to try to post more on here. Especially more than zero times. I can do that, right? Of course! In fact, I have a second Plethora of Reviews post coming up.

A view of Negeek Lake in Combermere, Ontario - my favourite summer vacation cottage destination

In apology, I give you a look at the beautiful lake I vacationed at last week. Jealous? I know I am - of Past Me. I miss it so.


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