30 Jul 2012

Gosh, I'm terrible

Who is the number one blog slacker?
This girl! *points to self*

The only excuse I really have for slacking on the reviews is that I've been busy finishing writing the first draft of my current WIP. I guess that is a pretty legitimate reason, huh? Especially since I finished that draft (hurray!).

But neglecting this blog is not okay, and I feel really guilty about it. Right now I am in the editing process of my WIP, so I'm no longer all 'writed out' (we'll just pretend that's a real term, okay?), meaning I can write reviews.
HOWEVER, I am going on vacation in a few days, so there probably won't be anything new posted until I am back. I will have a lot of time to read while I'm on vacation, so I should have some books to review for when I get back.

The series I will be reviewing first for sure is the Trylle trilogy by Amanda Hocking. It's a series that is not all that new, but I enjoyed it a lot, and I have some thoughts on it that I would like to get out. Plus I had never heard of it before the covers caught my eye in the bookstore (I'm a sucker for one-word titles, I really am), so perhaps there are others that have not heard of these lovelies yet? (Even though Amanda Hocking is pretty well-known in the internet world).

Also, if anyone would like to guest-blog, just hit me up via e-mail! Writing tips, a YA review, a cover analysis, a series review -- anything book-related, and I'll take it.

tldr: Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It might be another two weeks before anything of substance is up, but bear with me! I'm not ditching this blog, I promise.

10 Jul 2012

Cover Reveal: Clockwork Princess

FINALLY something to tide us over until March 2013, when the final Infernal Devices book is set to be released. After over 30 000 tweets containing the hashtag #ClockworkPrincess, shadowhunters.com revealed the Clockwork Princess cover.

Is it not gorgeous? *stares*
I cannot decide what I love more: the glowing book or Tessa's dress. *stares some more*

The tweet count on the cover reveal page is still rising, and I doubt it will stop anytime soon. You can view the page here, and even grab the Clockwork Princess Countdown widget to put on your site.

It pains me to think that I still have to wait so many months to read the final book in The Infernal Devices. I posted a review (my second on this blog!) on Clockwork Prince, which you can view here. As you can tell by the informal but necessary caps used towards the end of that review, Clockwork Prince got me VERY excited, and I am literally bouncing with excitement for Clockwork Princess.

So what do you guys think of the cover?
I'm glad we finally get to see Tessa!
I don't think that dress would have been appropriate time-wise, but hey, what do I know? I haven't done any research and I don't really care because that dress is hot and I want one.
But anyway, leave your comments about the cover and discuss how EXCITED you are (or not) over Clockwork Princess in the comment section below.

8 Jul 2012

This Is Not a Review: Writing = Metaphorical Ecstasy


   I have been writing a LOT more lately, and I've been in SUCH a good mood.
Even if what I write does not turn out to be the best (which happens a lot more than I'd like it to, but hey, it's a first draft. Editing comes later), I'm instantly in a better mood if I write a decent amount daily.

   Lately I've been introduced to #1k1hr sprints on Twitter, where some fellow writers aim to write non-stop for an hour with a goal of writing at least 1 000 words. No matter how cringe-worthy the end product product it. The point? To make some progress on your WIP. Again, there is room to edit later. For now the point is to get the story out of your head, which is the most difficult part for some of us.
   I myself have struggled in the past with finishing (or even coming close to finishing or even halfway) WIPs. These sprints help. I try to do one at least once a day, which has been working out fantastically. I have yet to write less than 1 000 words a day on the days I write (which is most, though there are some days where I sit here at my computer like a brain-dead log). The writing sprint really gives me a kick in the butt. So THANK YOU to Allie B who was the one to first introduce me to the sprints (you can view her amazing blog here for some great writing tips and book reviews). My WIP would not be where it is now without them.

   If there are any writers out there who have not heard of #1k1hr sprints, now you have and I suggest you try them. I have introduced them to a few people, and have heard no negative feedback about it. So try it, spread the word, and enjoy making progress in your work. I surely have, hence the title of this post. The more I write, the better I feel.

Happy writing! xx