3 Mar 2012

Review: Pandemonium

Book: Pandemonium
Series: Delirium Trilogy
Author: Lauren Oliver
Goodreads link: Pandemonium on Goodreads
Rating: I give it a 4.5/5 - but the ending deserves a 5/5.
Such a cliffhanger that’s slowly killing me (I had trouble sleeping because my emotions and feelings for the characters were going haywire. I couldn’t keep track).
Oliver’s writing, like in Delirium, was again up to par. Poetic with tonnes of show. I was IN New York with Lena. I WAS Lena. I didn’t have a big connection with her in Delirium, but Pandemonium really brought her up to the plate. I won’t spoil, but she changes. A lot. But that’s what stuff like this does to a person.
I was very pleased with how Lauren Oliver had Lena grow. It didn’t happen in a split-second. She switched back and forth from ‘then’ and ‘now’, giving us a look into how Lena changed as well as showing us her change. But she continued growing and developing, even in the ‘now’. It was brilliant. It really was.
For those who did not enjoy Delirium very much, I highly recommend you read Pandemonium anyways. I rated Delirium on goodreads as 3/5, I believe. Delirium is filled with more romance and innocence, which might not have drawn readers in like faster-moving dystopias (such as The Hunger Games and Divergent) did. It’s Pandemonium that really gets the ball moving, especially once you read the middle of the book.
As for the cliffhanger ending… Lauren Oliver has a skill. And evil, evil skill. She made us pine for Pandemonium at the end of Delirium, and now she’s got us craving Requiem.
Let’s hope our hearts don’t break completely before then.


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