14 Dec 2012

Book Haul #3: December 2012

No video for this one, unfortunately, as the camera I usually use has no working batteries to use. Perhaps I'll do one later, but for now, a text blog post will have to suffice.

It was employee appreciation weekend at my work, and, well, I took full advantage.
I could have bought more books, but I just finished my Christmas shopping (anyone else done yet? Doesn't it feel amazing?!) and didn't want to put too much stress on my bank account.

(PS, to view more information about each book, click on the covers to be taken to their Goodreads page)

I picked these two lovelies up, checking two more off of my to-read list on Goodreads. And bonus! Lullaby is a signed copy.


If you guys have not had a chance to see these covers 'in person', then I highly recommend that you do. They are shiny and gorgeous. Wake, especially, is my favourite. I cannot wait to read these.

The next is a book I really should have read long ago, but did not get around to it until now (and probably would not have read it had I not started to get myself more into contemporary fiction).
That's right, I'm a Perks virgin, but I own it now! And in my defense, at least I have not seen the movie yet. I'll save that until I've read the book. I took the pledge, after all. I also did not get the movie cover, because I refuse to buy the movie tie-in covers of books. Books are books, and movies on books are a great addition when done right, but I don't want those covers in my collection, not matter how much I loved the movie.

I also picked up the original paperback cover of John Green's Looking for Alaska, because I love this cover so much more than the cover I bought when that was all my store had in stock (and then threw out my receipt so I couldn't even exchange it. Stupid, stupid me). BUT my pickiness benefits you all, because sometime in the new year I will be giving away my other copy of Looking for Alaska, so keep an eye out for that!

And lastly, I bought the debut novel of Jodi Picoult's daughter, Samantha Van Leer. While I am not a Jodi Picoult fan (her ideas are interesting, and maybe I'll try again, but the books I've read by her just dragged on and I couldn't finish them. Couldn't even force myself to. But like I said, maybe I'll try again one day), I'm excited to read this book:
A book character who talks to his reader and they fall in love? Isn't that every fangirl's dream? I expect this one to be a light read, but an enjoyable one all the same. Should be interesting.

(I also bought a cookbook, but that's not as interesting, haha)


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