16 May 2013

Book Detective (3): Love Triangles

The Book Detective is a weekly book meme hosted by DivergentGryffindor where each Thursday we post books we have read that fit under each weekly category (ex: dystopia, bad boys, romance, etc.). It is a way to share our favourites and discover some new great reads as well! To see the list, see the meme's opening post here.

Love Triangles

Confession time: I kind of love love triangles. When done right and when they make sense with the plot. My recommended love triangle books are (and this was tough to choose from - we all know there are so many out there!) below. And don't worry - I won't spoil anything for anyone who hasn't read the following books.

Meghan Chase, Prince Ash, Puck - The Iron Fey series
What I really loved about this love triangle that while I favoured one character over the other, I understood why the other guy got the girl. Meghan fit with who she eventually chose, and it was the right choice for her. Even though I was upset for the one left behind. Still hoping the unchosen one gets his own happy ending I can read about. Until it's canon, I guess fanfics will suffice.

Jem Carstairs, Tessa Gray, Will Herondale - The Infernal Devices trilogy
What killed me about this one was that I could not choose who I liked more. Some points I felt myself leaning towards one guy while other times I leaned towards the other. I really liked the way Cassandra Clare wrote this love triangle. I understood the confliction Tessa felt 100%!

If you love love triangles like me (or even if you're wary about them) I recommend the above series. If you love them, you'll really appreciate these two series, and if you hate them, these just might open your mind.


  1. I'm just finishing Clockwork Angel, and know what you mean! Will or Jem...I'm so conflicted! Right now I'm crushing slightly more on Jem but love the banter between Tess and Will. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.


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