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Review Requests

Unfortunately, I am not taking any requests at the moment. However, if you notice me mention reading a book and you'd like to hear my thoughts, feel free to leave a comment on any post mentioning that book (or on my goodreads). Perhaps I can try to at least write a mini review.


For my reviews, I have been and will continue to rate books out of five. Five what? Five nothing. Just the number. Five.

There are some books that I think are "truly amazing and oh my goodness best book ever barely anything compares". I will rate those as 5/5. I might also rate another book as 5/5. It might not compare to the "truly amazing and oh my goodness best book ever barely anything compares" book, but that does not matter. I compare books to themself, not other books, when I do my ratings. And in my reviews I will explain why :)

Here is a breakdown of what each rating basically means:

5/5 - This book is spectacularly awesome. I'd marry it. I recommend it highly. It is forever shelved as one of my favourites. I will read this one multiple times.
4/5 - This book is awesome. Definitely one of my favourites. I'd like to read it again.
3/5 - This books has its strong points, and I enjoyed it despite whatever faults I found. I might never read it again, but I'm glad I read it at all.
2/5 - Not terrible, but not particularly good, either.
1/5 - Time I will never get back.
Unfinished - I found this book to be so terribly boring (sorry) that I could not finish it. Let's hope I don't find more of these.

And there you have it :)


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