9 Nov 2012

Keep Writing

Happy day nine, NaNoWriMo participants!

The goal word count for the end of today is 15 000 words!

If you are there, congratulations and keep it up! You are 30% of the way there!
If you are over 15k, then wow! Keep it up! At this rate you'll finish before November 30th, which is a great accomplishment.
If you aren't quite at 15k yet, don't worry! Don't focus on the numbers. Just keep writing. I feel that is the most important thing to remember here. Yes, the end goal is to reach 50 000 words by November 30th, but we are still near the beginning. The time is not yet to panic. The important thing to keep in mind at this point in the game is just to keep writing. If the writing is crap, who cares! First drafts are supposed to suck. That's where editing and re-writes come in. But you have to push through that first draft first, and that's where just keep writing comes into it. Forget about what your writing. Does the dialogue sound fake? Ignore it! Are you pretty sure your character started out as a blonde and now they are magically a brunette? Forget it! Edits are for later. Writing is for now.

Remember, it's not NaNoEdiMo. The time now is to write. Editing comes later. Make December your NaNoEdiMo.

Three years ago on VlogBrothers, John Green made some of the above points plus a few more genius ones.
You can watch his video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCTO91aBFXk or by watching below:

Keep up the discipline. Close Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Pinterest. Let the amazing John Green motivate you! Why are you still here and reading this? Write, write, write! You have 35000 (or more or less) words to go!

My current progress: 15 201 words.


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