1 Nov 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 1 Log

Happy NaNoWriMo, everyone!

Today started off like any usual day off. I slept in. I'm a night person, but the past two days I've been waiting up at 6 and 7 am for work, and two early mornings is not enough for my body to adjust. I don't nap, so I've been going to bed late because once it hits 8pm, I'm over-tired. Plus, I write better at night. So last night I was up a little past midnight and this morning my body basically was not getting up until 10am. Which wasn't bad, until I stayed in bed until 11 and then mucked around on the computer (curse you, tumblr) until 1:30pm. But now commences my day of writing.

I have a minimum goal of five thousand words for today. I want to get ahead now because I'll be working more and longer shifts towards the end of the month (curse you, holiday season), and I don't want to freak out on November 20th and realise I'm 20k behind or something like that. I know if I average 2k words a day I will easily pass the 50k, but if I can do more, that would be ideal. And so commences my day of writing, as I said above.

Wish me luck!

I did two back-to-back #1k1hr sprints which brought me to a total of 2 649 words in two hours. Two more hours of writing and I should reach my goal. Big tip: Close out of the internet. Heck, disconnect your wifi on your laptop if it helps. It is so easy to 'just check Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Website for a minute' and then turn that minute into several. The internet is distracting! If you need to research something, try to just leave a blank space or write what you need to look up in parentheses so you do not find yourself back on the internet. Then when the sprint or scene is over and written, you are free to do that research and fill in the blanks without having interrupted your flow.

Now I'm going to take a lunch break and continue writing later. My stomach is starting to really distract me, and I've just ended a chapter and a scene, which is the perfect place to take a break, don't you think?

Took a long break, perhaps longer than was necessary, but I did some other writing in the mean time. A future blog post, and much of this one.

End of day
I ended up breaking my no research rule and spending some time doing enough that I know the basics of what I'll need for when I write tomorrow. Sometimes research just has to happen. I decided to stop at the end of a scene because stopping mid-scene doesn't agree with me. There's no flow when I go back to write. This brought me to a total of 4, 444 for the day, which is a very fun number to end at, haha.

Here's hoping for another 2, 000 for tomorrow!

To all those participating, best of luck! And happy writing, whether or not you are doing NaNo this year! :)


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